John is an Assistant Cub Scout leader in his home town of Bristol. As part of a dedicated team, John encourages and inspires Cub Scouts to take part in exciting and adventurous activities, whilst allowing them to be creative and get involved in the local community. This includes hiking, camping, map reading and climbing.

John is also Scout county caving adviser for Somerset, regularly giving children of all ages their first taste of the underground world. Caving is ideal as an adventure sport, offering challenge, excitement and developing teamwork in a very unique environment.


Cave rescue

As a member of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue team, John is on call in the event of an incident within the South West and Wales region. Providing specialist diving skills, John has attended a number of incidents, including those further afield, including Ireland, Europe and Asia. Cave diving rescue is not an exact science as each incident is different, requiring a unique approach and a diverse set of skills.


  • Oxfam
  • British Cave Rescue Council
  • Scouts
  • Wales Cave Rescue
  • Water Aid
  • Offset Earth